Complete Drug Free Workplace Program

At AMC we understand your focus is operations. For most, in-house resources to develop, implement and administer an alcohol and drug testing program simply don’t exist.

AMC’s Complete Drug Free Workplace Program offers everything your Company needs to develop and implement a drug-free workplace program, including:

A sample Drug Free Workplace Policy to develop your Company’s Policy

Training Materials for Supervisors for Recognizing Alcohol Misuse and Recognizing Drug Use – Now Available ala carte Online

After enrollment, AMC will set up accounts for your Company with:

• A drug testing laboratory (certified through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) to analyze the drug test (or a drug testing laboratory to conduct the hair follicle drug test); and

• A Medical review Officer (certified through the American Association of Medical Review Officers) to interpret the drug test results; and

• Collection site(s) in your area to collect the urine samples for your drug tests and to conduct alcohol testing.

The drug testing procedure is easy.

Once your account is setup, you will receive “Chain-of-Custody” forms from the laboratory. This form has your Company’s name on it and is used by the laboratory to ensure the test results are reported to the correct customer. When you would like to drug test an employee (or prospective employee) you simply send the individual to your designated collection site with a Chain of Custody Form. Approximately 24-36 hours in testing for a negative and 48-72 hours in testing for non-negative urine sample. Results are then e-mailed or faxed to you once finished. Once a month, AMC will invoice your company for the tests that were conducted the previous month. You only receive one bill; AMC pays your laboratory, Medical Review Officer and collection sites. – AMC will remove the burden from your HR dept. or AP team.

For Companies desiring to implement a random testing program.

AMC will administer the random selections. Initially, all your covered employees’ names and social security numbers will be into a computer program. As new employees are hired and receive their pre-employment drug test (with negative test result), you may enter them in to your random program. This simplifies random program administration, and helps maintain an accurate random pool. On a Monthly or Quarterly basis (your option) you are notified of your employees selected by the random computer program to be tested. There is no fee charged by AMC for administering your Company’s random program.

Absolutely everything you need to implement your Drug Free Workplace Program. And, unlike other providers, no fees to administer your random testing program and no annual renewal fees. After you enroll with AMC, all you’ll pay for is drug and alcohol testing!

Select AMC for your alcohol and drug testing services and your savings continue. Our customers demand convenient and competitively priced alcohol and drug testing services. AMC delivers.

AMC can find your Company a convenient collection site practically anywhere in the United States. We utilize a database which includes over 25,000 collection sites nationwide. Enroll with AMC and gone are the headaches of administering an alcohol and drug testing program.

Compare cost, customer service, reliability. AMC challenges you to find another consortia offering a better value. We will exceed your expectations.

Click Here to receive additional information and a Free No-Obligation Price Quote for AMC’s Complete Drug-Free Workplace Program.

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