Alcohol and other drug abuse is widespread in our society, and it affects us all in many ways. Although national, State, and local efforts have begun to show encouraging results, the problem of alcohol and other drug abuse remains a serious issue.  AMC offers drug testing for businesses to create a drug free workplace.

No workplace is immune.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services almost 73 percent of all current drug users ages 18–49 are full or part-time employed – more than 8.3 million workers.

Employers who think alcohol and other drug abuse will never be a problem in their workplace should consider this: Job applicants who can’t pass a drug test tend to apply to companies that don’t test.

AMC offers the most comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Testing services in the industry. We can assist your company by customizing a substance abuse program to meet your company needs including federal requirements when applicable. Our drug testing for businesses service include urine drug testing, hair drug testing and instant result screening kits collected at home or by a professional at your local collection site.

Department of Transportation Program

If your Company employs drivers subject to the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Controlled Substances & Alcohol Use regulations, follow the above link to learn how AMC can assist your Company.

Drug-Free Workplace Programs

If your Company would like information on implementing a Company drug testing program, follow the above link to learn how AMC can assist your Company.