Drug Testing is going Electronic with eCCF

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Drug Testing is going Electronic with eCCF

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Drug screening employees is going electronic and becoming a streamlined process with electronic chain of custody forms (eCCF). This is an electronic version of a multi-part, paper chain of custody form (CCF). A traditional chain of custody form is a five-part carbon copy form. Using an eCCF creates a simpler drug screening process. For example, if a job applicant is taking a drug screen out of state, the employer can simply e-mail an electronic form to the donor. Unfortunately, a multi-part chain of custody form must be given to the donor in person. Otherwise, the hard copy form is mailed to the applicant.

Fortunately, AMC Drug Testing now has the capability to use electronic forms for Department of Transportation (DOT) companies. In the past, only traditional CCFs have been allowed for federally regulated testing. However, with the eCCF, companies order the drug tests online and create an authorization form. This form is then either emailed or faxed to the candidate. The eCCF is generated in a matter of minutes. As a result, the donor is able to be sent for testing the same day.

The advantages of using eCCF instead of CCF:

  • Efficiency
  • Less paperwork
  • Immediate Testing
  • Current account information
  • Fewer flaws by the collection site
  • Decrease in legibility problems and data entry errors
  • Simple delivery of eCCF copies to employers/MRO


The ability to order drug screens electronically saves money from having to mail a form and also saves time by allowing immediate testing. Your company can simplify the drug screening process by setting up an account with AMC. Setting up an account allows your company access to our online drug test ordering system. AMC gives your company the tools in order to run a successful drug free workplace. Otherwise, we do offer one-time tests that are ordered by contacting us at 1-800-339-9993 ext 201.