Medical Review Officer Services

Medical Review Officer Services

AMC utilizes Medical Review Officers who are certified by national Medical Review Officer associations. Services are performed in accordance with federal regulations as specified by the Substance and Metal Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Services include:

• Medical review and consultation on positive drug test results

• Administrative review of negative drug test results

• Review of laboratory blind sample test results

• Consultation with toxicologist on questionable results

• Ordering special analysis of opiate positives

• Rehabilitation consultation and referral

• Litigation package

AMC uses Medical Review Officers that are experienced in the field of substance abuse recognition and rehabilitation, and are knowledgeable of drug testing requirements mandated by federal regulations. The Medical Review Officer will report all drug test results to the DER through AMC’s test result reporting system. Test results will be reported in a confidential manner. Test results will be reported to the DER on the same day the MRO verifies the result or the next business day all verified positive test results, results requiring an immediate collection under direct observation, adulterated or substituted specimen results, and other refusals to test. The employer must ensure the security of the test result transmission and limit access to any transmission, storage, or retrieval systems.

AMC has two options for notifying employers of test results.

  • e-mail

Results are faxed to the employer’s DER as soon as they are received for fastest turnaround available.

  • Automatic fax

Results are automatically sent via secure e-mail to the DER as soon as they are received for fastest turnaround available. Employers may also view and print test results from AMC’s secure web site. AMC’s secure web site may be accessed with a username and password obtained from AMC.

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