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Use may cause dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, euphoria, dysphoria, and asthenia. Dangers of using this drug include skin rash and other allergic reactions occur occasionally that may go along with fever and mucosal lesions, stupor or coma, convulsions, and respiratory depression.  Propoxyphene is a narcotic pain reliever. Other side effects include feeling light headed, confusion, jaundice, seizures and blurred vision.

Onset with oral ingestion is 20-30 minutes.  Peak effects take approximately 1.5-2 hours to arrive.  The drug is linked to overdose as well as heart problems.

Dextropropoxyphene may be detected in a urine drug screen going back about 1-3 days. AMC Drug Testing offers various drug screening panels covering propoxyphene.  AMC also offers drug screening programs for companies as a way to create a safe workplace. Contact AMC at 1-800-339-9993 ext 201 to setup a one-time drug screen or an account for a drug free workplace.