Random Drug Screening

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Random drug screening is a company wide selection process in which a pre-determined percentage of employees are chosen from a computer generated program to be drug tested.  Employees have an equal chance of being selected for drug screening each time selections are made.

A random drug screening program is important because bias is taken away from any one individual. Placing employees in a selection pool is a deterrent to illegal drug use because all active employees are subject to drug testing. Pre-employment testing is a great way to confirm new hires are not under the influence of illegal substances. However, random testing is one of the best ways to ensure already hired employees are drug-free. There are times when employers are able to tell when an individual is abusing illegal drugs. However, this is not always the case. Maintaining a drug testing program for your company discourages drug use and also eliminates the dangers that come along with those that do abuse illegal substances.
Random Drug Screening

AMC offers drug screening programs for a drug-free workplace as well as Department of Transportation programs. AMC notifies companies quarterly with a list of employees to be randomly tested during the quarter. AMC Drug Testing will run your random drug screening pool at no additional cost.


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