Return to Duty Testing and Follow Up Testing for the Department of Transportation

Return to Duty Testing – Follow Up Testing for the US Department of Transportation (FMCSA)

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As an employer, if you decide you want your employee to return to perform safety-sensitive functions following a positive drug test result, you must ensure the employee submits to return to duty testing and follow up testing. This test may only occur after the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) has decided the individual has successfully followed the prescribed education and/or treatment. An SAP is a person that evaluates employees who have violated a Department of Transportation drug and alcohol regulation. SAP’s also make recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and after-care. Once an employee has a negative drug test result and/or an alcohol test with an alcohol concentration of less than 0.02, the individual may return to perform safety-sensitive duties. (Return-to-Duty)


As the employer, you must carry out the substance abuse professional’s follow-up testing requirements. Safety-sensitive functions can be performed by an employee once follow-up testing is conducted by the SAP. The employer should schedule follow-up testing on dates of their own choosing. These scheduled tests should have no obvious pattern in regards to timing. Also, the donor should not have advance notice of the test. Tests included in a random drug screening program may not substitute for the follow-up testing requirement. A canceled follow-up test does not count as a completed test. In this case, a recollection is performed in order to count as a completed follow-up test. (Follow-Up)

DOT Drug Screening Program:

Return-to-duty and follow-up testing are important aspects to include in a drug screening program. This helps ensure that individuals struggling with drug abuse, get the help they need. This also helps to ensure a safe workplace environment. When your company enrolls in a Department of Transportation drug screening program with AMC, we offer a guidebook upon enrollment, detailing return to duty testing and follow up testing. (Follow-up)